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Peter McNeil works for himself in Australia where he is a programmer. Peter has cobbled together a few web sites in his time such as:
You can find Peter's resume here. (you'll need a PDF reader like Acrobat Reader to read it)

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Unoffical Canberra Winter festival

Winter in Canberra, like many other parts of the world, is cold and quite dark. You get up in the dark go to work then come home in the dark. All in all that can get you down, and tends to make us stay inside a lot, or just stay home. Well I want to change all that. I want to have a "Bit-o-Fun", be encouraged to get out and see things, and do things.

To this end I'm here by starting the Canberra Winter Festival. This is an Open Source, Grass Roots, Home Grown, People Driven, Internet, "E", Festival. Well OK, so we can't afford to advertise and print brochures, so this has to be grass roots, and since Canberra is such a Netizen type place I figure we can grow this over the web. If you have an event that you want to brand as being part of the Canberra Winter Festival let me know and I'll hurry up and register the name!

The very first event is born of a net based Phenomenon known as "The Beer List", and it is the first Canberra Winter Festival "Brew-Off". The idea is that home brewers go to a brew off event and try each others beer. This is an Open Source even, ie. the idea is to let other know how you achieved such a fantastic brew, not keep it a secret. Now we must also promote sensible drinking, so don't get "Rats-arsed" OK and definately don't drive.

In conjunction with the Brew-Off will be a "Pretzel-Off" for the best home made pretzels, so far we have three contestants for this coverted prize.

The mcneils.net Beer List Brew-off will be held:-

  • When: 2nd July 2005
  • Where: Peter & Tracey's place 33 Barunga St. Ngunnawal
  • Who: Beer list members

We'll be getting people to register that they are coming soon, so that we can organise this thing a bit. At this event there will be:-

  • Pies, Sausage Rolls, Hot Dogs (along with associated condiments such as tomato sauce and mustard).
  • Scoring will depend on prior marital status and amount of beer you've drunk.
  • Prizes. Best head, Best Brew, Best Novelty Beer, Flatest Beer, First Nudie run, Oh yeah and a pretzel prize.

Contact Peter on the beer list or via his email address.

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2009-06-20 03:32:00-04

Well I've been looking after the kids for three weeks now... and survived! Many thanks go to Mum for helping out looking after them on Wednesdays :-)

Ray and Betty have dropped in on their way home from up North where they stayed with Nicki. Going out for Chinese, so better dash.

Peter and Tracey