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Peter McNeil works for himself in Australia where he is a programmer. Peter has cobbled together a few web sites in his time such as:
You can find Peter's resume here. (you'll need a PDF reader like Acrobat Reader to read it)

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2008-05-25 07:39:00-04

We're happy to announce that at the rather civilized time of 2:08pm a beautiful 3.06kg baby girl (yet to be officially named) came into this world! Tracey (mum) and baby (as well as Peter (dad) and Riley) are doing well.

Pictures to come soon.


2008-04-27 19:47:00-04

Here is a video of Riley singing Twinkle Twinkle Little star. He has to sing loud because he has a microphone.

2008-02-17 06:45:00-05

We bought a house. A 38 year old house that is smaller than the one we are in now and hasn't had anything done to it since it was new, sounds good eh? You don't want to know how much we paid, no really you don't. Before you agree we are mad, it's in a better location and has a 44% larger block and lets us renovate up our dream... we think. hopefully.

In other new, Riley turned 2 on the 7th of February! We were in Port Douglas at the time having a little holiday. Riley really enjoyed the Plane trip, and the daily swims in the pool, but did suffer a little from heat rash, as you do.

We didn't have a specific birthday party just the usual Sunday night birthday diner at Nana and Nono's place, which was just fine

Tracey is getting pretty big with number two (D2) though it's all out the front, from behind you wouldn't know she was pregnant. Another 3 months to go, we may even be in our new place.


2007-12-31 22:24:00-05

Happy new year!

Just returned from a few days down in Walla Walla where Riley got to hang out with Grand dad and Grandma, and sit in tractors and ride a quad motorbike and see sheep and cows up close!

It was a fun, if very hot, little break. Chasing after the boy on the farm is a full time and rather stressful job. We had to go for drives in the (air conditioned) car to get him to have a sleep during the day.

There is lots of news, I'll update this site soon. I moved it again so it should be quicker now. Anyway have a happy new Year all!


2007-08-13 07:20:00-04

I'm finally migrating my web server to a new machine. I'm doing this to save the world. Nope I'm not kidding! I have a nice little old server sitting there chugging along all day serving up the web, doing DNS and mail stuff, and I have a machine I use for the home media and other things. Fact is I could do all this on one machine and save about 2.5 TONNES of CO2 going into the atmosphere, not to mention a bit of money... So it's all getting upgraded better, faster than before and saving the world just a bit.

Stay tuned for more changes too.


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    2009-06-20 03:32:00-04

    Well I've been looking after the kids for three weeks now... and survived! Many thanks go to Mum for helping out looking after them on Wednesdays :-)

    Ray and Betty have dropped in on their way home from up North where they stayed with Nicki. Going out for Chinese, so better dash.

    Peter and Tracey