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Peter McNeil works for himself in Australia where he is a programmer. Peter has cobbled together a few web sites in his time such as:
You can find Peter's resume here. (you'll need a PDF reader like Acrobat Reader to read it)

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2004-04-22 07:35:00-04


  • Hotel Tempi in Athens is great value, freindly and close to everything.
  • Don't expect things to be open, like the Archealogical Museum, which might re-open in June or September, if you're lucky.
  • Eat on a roof top restaunt near the Acropolis at sunset on a nice day.
  • Only order entree's and bread, salad etc. It's better value and very filling.
  • Some restraunts use salt in stead of good cooking.
  • Eat Gyros take-away to save money and have good food.
  • Naxos is windy on the North Side.
  • Things are closed on Naxos Sunday and Monday, so go there on Tuesday-Saturday.
  • Santorini is beautiful, go there.

2004-04-05 15:10:00-04


  • Gumboots yes pack gumboots
  • An umbrella is a good idea
  • Warm clothes are also good
  • Small supermarkets often are cheaper and have a better range than big ones, wierd
  • GBH (Great Britain Heritage) pass is a good idea if going to old places
  • Megabus is cheaper than Express bus lines
  • In London a Zone 1/2 all day pass for 4.20 is a good deal and the Underground is quite easy to use.
  • Don't cross the road in London in front of a Taxi they tend not to stop (according to Ciaran)

2004-04-05 15:06:00-04

Singapore Tips

  • Don't drink a jug of Margerits before going to the airport early to get good seats, you'll forget to ask!
  • Get an original reciept for the stuff you buy at Sim Lim square if you want the tax refund at the airport. We got the Merchant Copy by mistake and they wouldn't hand over the refund, bummer

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    2009-06-20 03:32:00-04

    Well I've been looking after the kids for three weeks now... and survived! Many thanks go to Mum for helping out looking after them on Wednesdays :-)

    Ray and Betty have dropped in on their way home from up North where they stayed with Nicki. Going out for Chinese, so better dash.

    Peter and Tracey