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Peter McNeil works for himself in Australia where he is a programmer. Peter has cobbled together a few web sites in his time such as:
You can find Peter's resume here. (you'll need a PDF reader like Acrobat Reader to read it)

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This is mcneils.net, and it is run by Peter McNeil and Tracey Voss for relatives and friends of the McNeil clan. Now when I say "McNeil clan", well that includes the families of:-

All of whom are welcome to have stuff put up here. Harriet Burbidge-Smith is the first to have her own page. Harriet is our own BMX star, currently ranked 7th in the world for her age bracket! Check out her site here.

We were wondering what to do with all the digital photos we have so they're going to make ther way up here too, in an online photo album. Just click on the Pictures link or "tab" to see them.

Tracey and I have been on a little six month trip around Europe, you can check out the Pictures and the Blogs to see what we got up to.

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2009-06-20 03:32:00-04

Well I've been looking after the kids for three weeks now... and survived! Many thanks go to Mum for helping out looking after them on Wednesdays :-)

Ray and Betty have dropped in on their way home from up North where they stayed with Nicki. Going out for Chinese, so better dash.

Peter and Tracey